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SLA Consultants India, has been steadily rising as a corporate training & development leader to take care of all client’s & learners needs in a comprehensive framework. We have maintained consistency and stability in providing quality training & interviews since inception and this is all what makes us stand a name in the industry. Utmost professionalism in covering up for client’s training & development requirement with improbable methodologies in analyzing quality of training & development and timely assessment are some of our tools that we adopt in encouraging our proficiency in delivering quality services.

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Seo Classes and Training Institute

Advanced SEO SMO training is a very demanding and vital training course every aspiring digital marketer must attend in order to attain a promising career in the future. The course is designed to help business owners and enterprises increase traffic on their website and social media network, which wo...

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Web Designing Live Project Training

Become a professional in building high performance and striking website through responsive web design live training Having a responsive web design is extremely important for any business website if they wish to increase their sales and enhance their productivity. It involves creating and maintaini...

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Core Java Training Institute

Does it feel difficult to learn Core Java? If yes, then join SLA Consultants India Java is one of the most important and complex web development programming language used by millions of organizations all over the world. If you have made up your mind to follow a career in the Java programming langua...

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Finalization of Balance Sheet & Taxation Training

Balance Sheet Finalization Training Module 1 - Balance Sheet Financial & Preparation Module - 1.1 Introductions • Definition, purpose • Types of financial statements - General purpose (audited), MIS reporting's and special purpose • Components - Balance sheet, Statement of profit and loss a...

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Accounts, Finance and Taxation Training Course Institute in ...

Advanced Tally ERP 9 - Module 1 - Basic Accounting in Tally ERP 9 Basics Of Accounting Fundamentals of Tally.ERP 9 Create Accounting Masters in Tally.ERP 9 Accounting Vouchers Financial Statements and Accounting Books & Reports Module 2 - Basic Inventory Management in Tally.ERP 9 C...

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Income Tax Training Course in Delhi

Module 1 - BASIC CONCEPTS IN INCOME TAX Terminology of income tax like P.Y, A.Y, Income, Assesse Incidence of income tax Residential status like ROR, RNOR, OR Module 2 - INCOME UNDER VARIOUS HEADS Analytically-Income under head salary computation theoretically& by utility (Allowances, Perqu...

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Tally ERP 9 Training Advanced

Advanced Tally Training – The Finest Career Option for Students Training is simple to pronounce but has its own importance at the same time. If someone is selected to a job and he/she is not properly trained then it is not only hurtful for the company but the employee himself/herself. One of the pr...

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MS Advanced Excel Training in Delhi

Do numbers attract you? Are you good at analyzing data and spotting trends? If yes then you should learn Financial Modeling using MS Excel. The job role of a Financial Analyst is getting a lot of popularity these days. And the people who know the financial modeling principles are getting a lot of jo...

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Income Tax Training Institute Noida / New Delhi

Filing an Income Tax is a vital part of our lives. But are you frustrated by the fact that you have to be dependent on tax consultants to file your own income tax? If yes then you must consider the option of undergoing the Income Tax Training Course offered by SLA Consultants. This amazing course wi...

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payroll certification courses

Tally and Taxation Programs The latest professionals who are in demand in the market need to have their command over Tally Accounting and Taxation Courses. It is a norm which has been set now in order to judge the true talent and people who have the ability to deliver brilliance for the companies...

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accounting in tally ERP 9

Most Admired Accounts Training & Placement of Accountants The multi-national companies have emerged in the Indian market and with their emergence, the job prospects have also increased but only for those who are skilled in their area of work. These several organizations have one thing in com...

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excel training courses

Maintaining MIS reports of everything you or your organization does can be a very tedious task. Usually, it takes a lot of time and effort but there are many simple ways of doing this task too. If you want to have access to a shortcut that would make the task of preparing MIS reports a piece of cake...

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advanced digital marketing certificate

Viewing up growing demand for Digital Marketing in every business marking strategy. SLA Consultants India introduces Digital Marketing Training program to its current portfolio of Account/ Finance/Taxation & Banking training. Our Aim is to upgrade Marketing Individual, Entrepreneurs, Graduat...

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