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Designer Clocks Wall Clocks Indianshelf.in

A clock as a wall decor has always been an essential part of any home décor. A clock not only tells us the time but it also makes an exciting wall art décor. Vintage clock, digital clock or grandfather clock has always been in great demand. Indianshelf.com introduces handmade clocks made in wood and...

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Dog Chains Indianshelf.in

Hand made Dog chains made in pure brass that does not rust or break easily is the ideal choice for the dog lovers. The dog chains are available in beautiful designs and are strong and durable and it is a source of identification of a pet dog. The chain also gives a smart look to the dog and often a ...

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online Vintage Hookah Base Indianshelf.in

Handmade Vintage Hookah Base is an example of the diverse culture and traditions prevalent of the past. Hookah was often used by the men folk whether rich or poor. It consists of base made of brass filled with tobacco and inhaled through a pipe attached to the base .The base has been etched with var...

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Bottle Opener Online India Cold Drink Bottle Opener Wine B...

Every bottle has a cap to seal the freshness and aroma of the liquid stored in the bottle. Indianshelf.com presents handmade bottle opener in ceramic and glass to present the most unique hand painted floral, abstract, geometrical design on the surface of the bottle opener. The bottle not only seals ...

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Online Handmade Wooden Pot

Choose from the widest range of handmade primitive and vintage Style Wooden Pots and use it as flower vase, for garden pots and planters .Shop with ease and Style only on Indianshelf.

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