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  • Per month 300 Free SMS Credits are provided. Ad owner will get inquiry alert on his mobile number with inquiry details.
  • Featured Ads will be displayed on every page of the website as sidebar.
  • In home page, featured ads will be displayed in horizontal slider.
  • A Featured Ribbon will be placed on featured ads.
  • Featured Ads will be displayed on top in its category.**
  • Featured ads listing will have different background color which gets more attention of the visitors.
  • We share Featured Ads in our Facebook and Google+ pages.


** When an Ad Category is browsed, the featured ads belonging to that category will be displayed on top in the list. Featured Ads will be displayed with Featured Ribbon on thumbnail image.



  • Logos & specific pictures are to be provided by the advertisers.
  • All inputs & images will be accepted in valid image format only.
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