Start Mid Brain Activation And DMIT Business In Low Cost

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Start your own DMIT and Midbrain Activation business.
Distribute franchise at lowest cost. So many advance level course Brain Development course available, Midbrain Activation, Quantum speed Reading, Photographic Memory, Blind Fold Activity, Abacus, DMIT Counseling and much more Brain Development Related courses at your Price Range.
Discover your child’s Inborn Talent & Give them life time gift. No more Examination Fear.
Call now to start your own business in all your world.
No Royalty
No hidden cost
No franchises fee
Get lifetime ownership software
Pay one time Rs 1,20,000/- and earn lifetime.
Hindi & English DMIT Reporting Available.

1. Mid Brain activation kids (Basic)
2. Mid Brain Activation (Advance)
3. Mid Brain ESP Kids
4. Quantum speed reading
5. Photographic Memory
6. Mid Brain Activation Adults
7. DMIT basic software
8. DMIT Standard Software
9. DMIT Advance software
10. DMIT Entrepreneur software
11. Psychometrics test software
12. Mnemonics
13. Handwriting Improvement
14. Math expert
15. Infant Music Therapy
16. Solving Rubik’s Cube
17. Math Fun
18. Positive parenting
19. Rapid Math

All Software’s are with open source code . Start your own business In education field, And earn Minimum Rs. 4 Lack par Month.
Offer 1
Market Version(single user) DMIT Software + Psychometrics ( Language: Hindi, English)
Rs. 19,999/-
Offer 2
Advance open Version(Owner ship) DMIT Software with open source code with unlimited franchises +
Psychometrics Software
Rs. 39,999/- Free Maths Expert

DMIT Benefits:
1. Understand your child’s natural character traits.
2. Identify best learning style for him/her.
3. Identify his / her inborn talent and weakness
4. Identify and develop your core competencies.
5. Subject and educational stream selection.
6. Thinking type in net quotients.
7. Reduce time, money, effort, wasted over irrelevant course and classes.
8. Use the right parenting/teaching method on your child.
9. Plan ahead to achieve your goals and live your dreams.
10. Identify the most suitable learning and leadership style.
11. Discover your own ability and choose right career path.

DMIT Deliverables:
1. Scanning software with life time validity.
2. Report generation system.
3. 21 finger print pattern reports.
4. Reports in different languages.
5. DMIT presentation.
6. Reports can we generated at your end any time, anywhere.
7. No need to send the fingerprints for report generation.
8. Also available different kinds of reports.
9. Full supports and training for all languages.

Offer 3
Standard Version DMIT Software + Mid Brain Activation Software + Psychometrics
Rs. 49,999/- Free Maths Expert

Mid Brain Activation Benefits kids:
1. Balances Right and Left Brain.
2. Develops Blind Fold Ability.
3. Develops Concentration.
4. Improves Memory.
5. Creativity Enhancement.
6. Makes one emotionally stable and balanced.
7. Accelerated Learning.
8. Confidence Boosting.

Quantum Speed Reading & PGM Kids:
1. Health Improvement .
2. Increases reading and Retention speed
3. Develops concentration.
4. Improves memory.
5. The development of precognitive ability.
6. Power of Imagine.
7. Balances Right and Left Brain.
8. Creativity Enhancement.
9. Accelerated Learning.

Offer 4
Advance DMIT Software + Mid Brain Activation Software + Mnemonics + Psychometrics + QSR + ESP + Brain Before Birth (IMT) + Adult Mid Brain + positive parenting + hand writing improvements
All Combo Rs. 99,000/-+ Free Maths Expert

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