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Are you suffering Frome Early discharge/ Sexual dysfunction? So You Can Contact Early discharges specialist doctor in Delhi & Get Early discharge treatment, Life can be difficult for men these days. There are so many pressures in the world. Early discharge/ sexual dysfunction can affect any man. This can lead to problems in the bedroom. Sexual dysfunction can damage confidence. This can severely affect a relationship.
There are many types of sexual dysfunction. Identifying the condition correctly is key to treatment. These are the most common forms of sexual dysfunction:
No desire for sexual activity –
This is commonly known as having low libido. This can be a general attitude towards sex. It can also be an issue with a current partner. There can be a number of causes.
Generally it will be due to a reduced production of testosterone. This could be due to a mental condition such as depression. It could also be caused by aging. It can also be caused by medication. There has been very little testing in this area.
To overcome this issue, a lifestyle change may be necessary.
Erectile dysfunction treatment Delhi-
Unable to get or maintain an erection, this can be due to physical or psychological reasons. Physical reasons could be due to nerve damage. They can also be caused by diabetes, or a disease affecting blood flow. In many cases, these effects can be treated medically.
Psychological reasons are more common. These can sometimes be treated by verbal discussion. The original cause can be identified, and overcome.
Prescription drugs can also be taken to treat this condition. The most popular of these is Viagra.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Delhi-
This is when the man reaches orgasm early during sex. This can be extremely embarrassing. A man finishes before his partner achieves sexual enjoyment.
This can be for psychological reasons. The man needs to reduce excitement levels, and regain control. A technique of stopping and starting can be effective. Especially when coupled with applying pressure to the area behind the testicles.
Physical reasons can also be the cause. A weakening of internal nerves and the pelvic floor are the most common causes. A common way to treat this is with kegel exercises.
Excessive pre cum production –
This condition sees a discharge of pre cum from the urethra. Pre cum is also known as pre ejaculate. Pre cum is used to create a hospitable environment for transfer of sperm. It is produced in the Bulb urethral Gland.
Weak valves on the gland release pre ejaculate early. This can leak out of the tip of the urethra. This can seep through clothing and cause embarrassment. Valves are weakened due to low testosterone. Pre ejaculate can be treated by boosting testosterone levels.
Exercise that targets internal nerves and the pelvic floor can reduce pre cum significantly.
If you suffer with excess pre cum and want to learn how to reduce it, or if you have concerns about getting pregnant from pre cum, visit the Pre Cum Treatment website now. Dr Monga is providing best treatment for early discharge in Ayurveda. You Call us any information: – ☎ +91-9999219128.

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