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What is NCR Classifieds (www.NCRClassifieds.in)?

Looking for an apartment? Searching for your soul-mate? Looking for Government jobs, Sick of your current job? Want to promote your business/product; NCR Classifieds is the place to be! NCRClassifieds.in is your classified ad posting site primarily targeted for advertisers in Delhi, Gurgaon Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad & Ghaziabad (NCR Region) but due to its popularity and increased publishers from rest of cities in India we are targeting classified ad listing from many other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Indore etc. NCR Classifieds aims at making life simpler for its users. NCR Classifieds is the easiest way to search, buy or sell, promote business, promote product, to exchange, to interact for common or complementary interests within or across local communities in India.

Our advertisers have always laid emphasis on simple processes. Driven by this preference, we have built the website on key pillars of simplicity & smart applications for classified advertisements.

Why to use NCR Classifieds?

Easy to use - NCR Classifieds has been made keeping you in mind. You can access the information faster through category browsing & easy search.

Quick response - We provide a robust platform for the advertisers to showcase their offers & receive quick response. The ads are clearly visible across the website which gives it maximum visibility to the users. As an advertiser, you may also use the “Push To Top” feature that lets you stay on top and continue to reach out to maximum users.

Artistic Design - NCR Classifieds is easy to understand and its clear layout assists the users in reaching the most relevant page. The layout and colors are vibrant and pleasant to work around.

How do I use the service?

To start with, on NCR Classifieds you one can easily search or post offers, ads, business promotion, product promotions, events, announcements, messages for anything ranging from offers in real-estate, or for selling new and old cars/auto parts & services, household or business services, educational avenues, to personal profiles for matrimonial or friendship/dating, to jobs, home appliances, electronics, and so on.

Posting ads/offers/messages on NCR Classifieds is FREE, FAST and SIMPLE: Just go to button and input your ad details & submit.

NCR Classifieds offers following advertisement services:

  • We advertise on our NCR Classifieds (www.NCRClassifieds.in) network.
  • We advertise on Google (AdWords and YouTube).
  • We advertise on Facebook.
  • We advertise using digital media using Video, Image Banners. We also create new videos in case you don’t have already. We upload videos on our YouTube, Google+ and Facebook pages.
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